Its best practices and how to use it

Autofill function: Its best practices and how to use it

Over the past few years, the autofill function has become increasingly popular especially on e-commerce and social media sites. In this article, Form C Filler will cover the best practices you should follow when using autofill. Read on to learn what the autofill function is, how it works and finally, how to manually enable and optimize your device’s autofill function below:

What is autofill and how do you use it

Users are not fond of filling out web forms especially if they do it on a small phone screen. Aside from the slow and frustrating process of typing out numbers and letters, most registration can take multi-page steps and validation before completing the possess. This may lead to potential clients and users completely giving up and stop using the service.

To remedy the daunting task of filling out online forms, Google found a way to make things easier for both users and browsers and that is through the autofill function which can fill all the needed fields with data based on the user’s Autofill profile. 

Google Chrome’s M43 version took another step further to help users fill out needed forms faster and easier by supporting credit cards and addresses. Here, the same data users use to buy things in Google Play can now be available when auto-filling fields on websites.

Autofill best practices

While autofill is seen as a convenient and easy way to fill out forms online, there are some instances where it displays inaccurate data on the field especially if you are using and storing multiple accounts on one device. One of the best practices developers can do to control how the browser will fill a given form field is the following:

Use attributes

If you want to use the same street address each time you fill out an online form, you can hint the browser by using autocomplete=”address-line1”. This will prevent your browser from incorrectly guessing which data should be put in the form field which may result in a poor user experience.

For those who want to omit data or prevent the browser from using any kind of autofill feature, developers add autocomplete=”off” to the form fields. You can use various autocomplete attributes when optimizing your:

  • Credit card details
  • Name
  • Email
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Phone and telephone numbers

Ask only the required data

Make sure that you only ask what you only need from the users since every extra and unnecessary field can affect the conversion rate. To do this, ask the details from the user’s perspective instead of the database’s.

Use labels

Using labels on online forms ensures that they can be seen in the field and provides the users with directions on what information needs to be put in the field. There are certain labels associated with the input elements which can all be placed inside the field. Once the user selects the field, the autofill function will be able to correctly guess which data to input based on the label.

Input masks

To help users input formatted text easily, try to use field masking. Here, once a user focuses and types on the field, parentheses, spaces and dashes are automatically applied. Some field masking also allows the user to capitalize letters. Doing these will allow users to focus more on the data they are giving instead of the formatting. This also saves time and effort when typing numbers, currencies and others.

Use placeholders

Just like labels, placeholders give guidance or hints to the user about what the field expects them to put. It typically displays the value as a light text which will disappear once the user starts typing within the field. Since they disappear once the field is clicked or tapped, they are not meant to be used as a replacement for labels.

Use action buttons

The action button triggers activities such as the drop-down menu and submission of the online form. Ensure that there is a distinction between the primary and secondary actions to reduce the risk of error when users fill in the field. For instance, the submit button should either be bigger or more vibrant than the cancel button.

For complex online forms, having a back button should also be present and should be put below the input field. The back button is considered as a secondary button so make it less accessible.

Avoid creating a reset button as much as possible, especially for long and complex forms since this button rarely helps the users. It may even lead to erasing all the filled areas, which may make the user completely give up and opt for other websites or apps instead.

How to optimize data entries in the autofill function

The autofill function has been available for almost all major browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is because the autofill feature is handy and easy to use. Take a look at how you can use and optimize it below:

Using autofill on Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser

Open your Google Chrome by double-clicking or simply tapping its icon on your computer or phone. If you are using an Android phone, you will not encounter too many issues with the autofill function since it works for many Android users as well.

Click ‘:’

Once Google Chrome is already open, click or tap on the ‘⋮’ which you will see on the top right corner of the browser.

Go to the Settings

A drop-down menu will appear once you click or tap the ‘⋮’. Go to the Settings which is located at the bottom of the menu. Once you click or tap the settings button, you will see the Autofill section.

After locating the Autofill section, click or tap any of the three: Passwords, Payment methods or Addresses and more. These sections are where all your data is stored which will be used as your autofill information.

Edit the entries

You may now edit the data under the Passwords, Payment methods or Addresses and more tabs. To access the Passwords tab, you must enter your computer or phone’s password first. Once you are in, you will see all passwords you have chosen to save. Simply click the eye icon to view the password.

To uncover the eye icon, you need to re-enter your mobile or computer’s password again. Once you have entered it, you can now view and edit your account passwords. You can also add or remove credit or debit cards data under the Payment methods by clicking or tapping the Add or Delete button.

If you want to edit your current address, click or tap the Addresses and more button. Once you are in, you can now Edit or Remove the saved addresses. You can also add a new address.

You can now use the autofill function

You can now use the autofill function when you want to fill out online forms instantly. Just make sure to only use this feature on the websites and apps that you completely trust to avoid any unwanted leakage of sensitive data.

Using autofill on Mozilla Firefox

Open the Mozilla Firefox browser

Open the Mozilla Firefox on your computer by double-clicking it. If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, simply tap it to open it.

Click ‘☰’

Click or tap the ‘☰’ button which you will see at the top right side of the browser window.

Go to Options

You will see a drop-down menu where you can find the Options button somewhere in the middle. Click or tap it to access the browser settings.

Click Privacy & Security

Once you are on the Options menu, you will see the Privacy and Security tab on the left side of the page. It is located next to a black lock icon.

Go to Saved Addresses

Inside the Privacy & Security tab, scroll down and you will find the Forms and Autofill. 

Edit your data

Under the Forms and Autofill, you will see the Autofill addresses and Autofill credit cards menu. Click or tap each of them to Add, Edit or Remove your data. Once done, save the changes by clicking or tapping the X in the top right corner of the window.

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