How safe is the autofill function

How safe is the autofill function

These days, people have a lot of usernames and passwords on various websites and apps. Most of the time, the typical pen and paper trick is no longer convenient enough to do the work. Since it is hard to keep track of all those account details, developers crafted a fast and easy solution by introducing the autofill function. 

What is autofill?

The autofill function assists users in filling out necessary data required during transactions or account sign-ins and sign-ups. It works similarly to password managers since it can store your usernames and passwords and fill in your credentials if needed. But the question is, is it secure and reliable enough to protect your sensitive data?

Is autofill safe?

When it comes to the question ‘how safe is the autofill function?’, the answer is ‘secure enough, but not as secure as it could be’. 

Last 2020, Google announced that it is updating the Chrome browser to let you save passwords and credit card details more securely by enabling biometric authentication. This is both secure and easy since you only have to use your fingerprint to autofill the fields without having to type or tap into the form fields.

However, a Finnish web developer Vilihami Kuosmanen published an article on the website Lifehacker stating that the autofill systems are vulnerable to phishing attacks. One example he used is the exploit on GitHub where the attacker uses hidden text boxes to get all your data. 

The developer showed a site where a series of text boxes asking for basic details were presented such as your name and email address. Once you use the autofill function to fill the fields, some hidden boxes on the site collect data you might not realise you are giving away willingly. This data could be your credit card info, passwords and phone numbers.

How to use autofill safely

While autofill is a fast and convenient way to log in and do transactions online, you must not be fully sure that your data is protected. This is why installing antivirus software and firewalls is vital. Also, you must only use the autofill function on sites that you completely trust.

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