Form C Filler: Importance of questionnaires

Have the best life out there by knowing the importance of questionnaires. Learn all you can when you read about it here at Form C Filler. The importance of questionnaires you need to know are the following:

1. Questionnaires are great for the following reasons:

2. To find out what you already know...

3. To help you recognize your strengths... and

4. To discover what you need to improve upon. Questionnaires are like a goldmine when it comes to information. Information that can help you reach your goals... and... make you a better person! One last thing: Questionnaires are cheap. They are so cheap, you will be amazed at how much money you will save by filling them out and sending them back to the questionnaire distributor. Why? Simply because most questionnaire distributors will pay you up to 80% of the money you earn from your questionnaire sales... and... they don't even have to pay you for the results they get. Can you imagine that? How much money you could earn just by sending out one or two questionnaires per month? To find a good questionnaire provider, you should do a little research. You can find what you need by looking under "questionnaire providers" in the yellow pages of your phone book. Another place you could look is the "Association of Questionnaire Providers" directory which is available from most telesales vendors like ACX, A-List, and I-Connect. P.S.

First, questionnaires are very economical. It costs hardly anything to ask people questions and then analyze the answers. In fact, it is almost impossible to overstate how inexpensive a well-done questionnaire will be.

Secondly, questionnaires are almost foolproof. If you ask 100 people a bunch of questions and then analyze the answers, you will always get the same results. This is true because people answer questions in the same way no matter what the situation. For example, doctors are asked the same questions about their patients every time they take their M.D. degree. And, they almost always give the same answers.

Thirdly, questionnaires are a great tool for market research. What this means is you can use questionnaires to find out which ad or sales pitch is most effective.

In this issue, we are going to talk about what questionnaires are and how you can use them. Before we do that, I want to tell you something very important: You must use the word “poll” instead of the word “questionnaire” whenever you are talking about the kind of information you are getting from the people you are interviewing. Questionnaire implies a certain amount of formality and respect that is not necessarily justified.

What Is A Questionnaire?

Questionnaires are basically surveys. A questionnaire is a question-and-answer session with a group of people. When we send out questionnaires, we ask the question, and then we get back all kinds of answers. The questions we ask usually cover a wide range of topics such as: • Demographics (e.g., age, sex, income) • Job title/position • Education • Job type • Previous experience • Career goals • Interest in sales • Experience with sales • Preferred method of contact • Preferred sales methodology (e.g., cold calling or email) • Personality test results • Company culture (e.g., personality of people working there) • How the company treats its employees • Company compensation plans

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