tired of filling form c

Save time and energy with our simple chrome extension!Go to SCAN


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And voila! Form C of FRRO is now automatically filled at 70%!

Hoteliers, this extension is for you!

Automate the online registration of your guests with FRRO and save time!

As per bureau of immigration of India, any hotel, guesthouse or bed&breakfast which provides accommodation to foreigners must submit the details of the residing foreigner in Form C to the FRRO within 24 hours of the arrival of the foreigner at their premises.

The process is now online but it is time-consuming and vulnerable to mistakes in capturing information.

You just need to fill the information that is the same for all your guests once. Easy to use by all your employees. The repetitive part of filling C Form is over.

Upload passport and visa page, crop the bottoms parts and voila! The extension also crops and saves the picture at the correct size of 50KB!

No more spelling mistakes in names.

All the information stays in your computer. No connexion with third party database.

Your receptionist has now more time to attend your guests!

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Form C Filler: Simplify your online Form C registering experience

Are you tired of filling Form Cs while managing your hotel at the same time? You have come to the right place! Form C Filler is the best extension that can automate your guests’ registrations. Hoteliers, this is the best document filing service for your guests!

As per India’s Bureau of Immigration, any hotel, guesthouse, inn or bed & breakfast that offers accommodation to foreigners must submit the details of the guests in Form C to the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO). 

Even though it is much easier to submit documents nowadays since the process is done online, it can still consume a lot of time. In addition, the process of submitting the form online is more vulnerable to typing mistakes when it comes to capturing the information, unlike filling up the forms by hand. 

Now, due to the online application process, the FRRO requests that Form C be submitted to them within 24 hours of the arrival of the foreigner at your premises. Sounds like a daunting task isn’t? The good news is that with Form C Filler, you can now fill FRRO’s Form C automatically! Read on to take a look at what Form C Filler can offer you.

Form C Filler extension

The repetitive and daunting part of filling Form C will come to an end by using Form C Filler! This extension can be easily set up and used by your employees. All you need to do is fill in the details of your guest, Scan and crop their passport and visa then voila! Your guest’s Form C is now filled at 70% and is almost ready to be submitted to FRRO.

Accurate data

No more spelling mistakes since you only have to upload the photo of your guest’s visa or passport. This will save you a lot of time and resources when going back and forth the FRRO due to typo mistakes on the documents.

Safe and reliable

All data you enter and use in the Form C Filler is safe and secure since there is no third-party database connected to the extension. This ensures that all the info stays on your computer only. What a reliable extension, right? Well, another good news is that due to the easier filling process, your receptionist will now have more time to attend to your guests!

Positive hotelier reviews

The developers behind Form C Filler are confident about their work, thanks to all the positive reviews we get from hoteliers. Take a look at some of the feedback we received below:

  • Cora L. - Guesthouse owner

Form C Filler has changed our life! Back then, we used to spend about 20 minutes registering at FRRO. Now it only takes 2 minutes!

  • Sara B. - Bed and Breakfast manager

Filling Form Cs are more fun now since all you have to do is crop and click. It also helps save a lot of time. Thank you Form C Filler!